5 Places You’ll Want to Call Home After You Visit

By November 18, 2015 Places

Have you ever stumbled on a neighborhood that felt like home. Everything — the houses and apartment buildings, the restaurants and bars — they all say home. Here are cities that many consider calling home after just one visit — they’re that enchanting.

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Family-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

By November 17, 2015 Attractions, Places
family road trip


While right now we’re looking forward to the holidays, before you know it spring break will be on the horizon! Take some time while your family is together for the holidays to pick out your perfect spring break destination. Here are some of our favorites to get you started!

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How To Prevent Sibling Fighting on a Trip

By November 13, 2015 Traveling

Family road trips can be truly rewarding, but if you have multiple children in your family, then you have likely experienced what a logistics nightmare it can be to travel with large groups. It’s important to set guidelines ahead of time to avoid sibling fighting during your travels. Our team has compiled a few ideas to help your family prevent sibling fighting on a trip:
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Gourmet Hot Chocolate Restaurants

By November 11, 2015 Food & Drink

Yes, coffee is king. However, the rapidly growing number of cafes dedicated to rich and creamy cocoa that are popping up across the nation might just lead you to believe differently. Satisfy your cravings with a cup from one of these um, hot spots.

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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

By November 9, 2015 Traveling

According to statistics, Thanksgiving weekend is the most-traveled weekend of the year domestically. This makes sense, given it’s the holiday when we celebrate what we’re most thankful for—and usually at the top of that list is family. Planning a trip at any time can be stressful, but add an influx of fellow travelers, and it could be enough to make you give up on eating turkey with your loved ones altogether. Below are a few tips to help ease the stress and headaches of getting to your holiday destination.

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Preparing for Your “Wild” Pacific Crest Trail Hike

By November 6, 2015 Attractions
Sierra Nevada Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) has gained a lot of attention in recent years, thanks to Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling memoir, “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail,” which recounts Strayed’s 1,100-mile PCT adventure. Reese Witherspoon went on to portray Strayed in a blockbuster movie of the same name. “Wild” resonated with a slew of people — 10 times as many people have attempted the hike since the book was released, according to the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA). It’s called the “Wild Effect,” and it has been good for hiking in general. If you are thinking about hiking the PCT, there are a few things you need to know before you embark on your quest.

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Tips to Plan for a Smooth Thanksgiving Trip

By November 5, 2015 Planning

In early November, we are at the cusp of the holiday season. Halloween just ended, next up things start in earnest with Thanksgiving.

Known as the most traveled day of the year in the United States. In 2014, it was estimated just under 45 million people traveled on and around Thanksgiving.

So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that traveling for Thanksgiving can be a bit of a nightmare. Traffic, flight delays, hotel over bookings, you know the drill. We’ve all been there.

The good news is there are things you can do to help reduce the amount of headaches and stress you’ll see during your travel this Thanksgiving.

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Celebrate our Vets at these Veteran’s Day Parades

By November 4, 2015 Places

Every year, millions of people around the United States stop to observe and remember the veterans who have served in the Armed Forces.

Veteran’s Day was first conceived after the ending of the first World War which occurred on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. First known as Armistice Day, it was signed into law as an official holiday in 1954.

In order to continue to celebrate and honor those who have been in the military past and present, many communities around the country have parades and other events.

If you have the time off around November 11th, and want to go to some of these parades and events, we’ve got a list of the places you can spend a few hours watching the parade and take part in some of the events.

Let’s take a look.

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How to Avoid Catching a Cold During Holiday Travel Season

By October 26, 2015 Uncategorized

With the holidays quickly approaching and cooler weather sweeping across the nation, it can be a challenge to maintain overall health and wellness. The probability of contracting the cold or flu is even greater during the holiday travel season, when large crowds and close quarters are an undeniable reality.

To keep you and your family healthy this holiday season, our team at HotelCoupons.com has compiled five tips for you to keep in mind. Avoid catching a cold while traveling with the following healthy practices:

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Remember Your Travel Time: Ways to Memorialize Your Journey

By October 24, 2015 Uncategorized
memorialize your journey

You’re having the vacation of your life and don’t want these memories to fade away. Months from now, what’s the best way to reflect on your travels? Here are a few tips on how to log your travel journey and keep your memories alive.

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