10 Refreshing Summer Treats to Try

By June 26, 2015 Food & Drink
Lemonade Popsicles

Summer represents a time for road trips, beach vacations and outdoor family fun. Unfortunately, the season also delivers scorching temperatures and brutal heat waves. In fact, it is not uncommon for outdoor temperatures to exceed 100 degree Fahrenheit in many regions across the country. Yikes!

To ensure optimal health and wellness, proper hydration is paramount. Children and the elderly may be especially prone to heat-related illnesses, so additional precaution should be taken to maintain proper hydration.

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3 Products to Make Traveling With Baby Easier

By June 24, 2015 Traveling
Traveling with Baby

While traveling with a baby is no picnic, it doesn’t have to be a juggling act, either — because babies don’t need a whole lot of stuff when traveling. The key to a successful trip is bringing along the right gear, not the most gear. Save your sanity and keep your baby comfortable by bringing these three products along.

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What to Do With Your Vacation Photos

By June 21, 2015 Traveling
Photo Storage

In the age of digital cameras and smartphones, there’s a tendency for vacation photos to live in purgatory on our devices or only be shared through Facebook newsfeeds or Instagram filters. But if you want a tangible souvenir of the fun times you had over the summer months–or just a better way to organize them–you’ve definitely got some options.

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How to Plan a Staycation

By June 18, 2015 Planning
ferris wheel

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, but without the hassle of planning an intensive trip. A staycation is a great way to unwind, step away from stress, and remember why you love where you live. (Don’t forget to share your staycation photos in our contest!) For a foolproof staycation, just follow these five steps.

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3 of the Funniest Plays on Broadway This Summer

By June 15, 2015 Attractions

If you have planned a trip to New York City this summer, you are in luck. The Great White Way has a variety of funny plays running through the summer months that are sure to be a memorable part of your vacation. If you’re not sure what show you want to see, consider the following three:

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Best Beach Towns to Visit

By June 13, 2015 Places
Tybee Island, Georgia

Is there a better way to feel like you’re truly on vacation than by watching the sun set over the ocean with the sand between your toes? (Okay, maybe if you add a fruity cocktail in there.) Thankfully the United States has more than enough beach towns for you to explore, no matter where in the country you spend the rest of the year.

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12 Tips to Save on a Rental Car

By June 11, 2015 Saving

One of the most expensive parts of any vacation is often the rental car. It can be frustrating, especially the amount of time the car spends sitting in the parking lot of your hotel!

Know the feeling?

That’s why wanted to share some of our very best tips for saving on a rental car.

Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!

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Sun Protection 101

By June 9, 2015 Traveling
Adorable girl at tropical beach applying sunblock cream on a father's back.


If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then you’re likely aware of how hot it can get in the summer. As temperatures rise, thousands of Americans will flee to the nation’s beaches for time in the surf, sand and sun.

A dip in the lake or sea offers much needed refreshment, but it does not provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. In fact, even in cloudy or overcast conditions, your skin is still at risk of sun exposure.

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Escape Parenthood: 4 Unique Destinations for a Weekend Away

By June 8, 2015 Places
couple having picnic in the vineyard

No matter where you live in the United States, you’re never too far from a natural wonder full of adventure, or an urban landmark rich with history. Plan your next weekend getaway getting lost in nature while fishing in the Niagara River or hiking to beautiful falls in the Grand Canyon. Interested in a more cultural venture? Take a trip to Philly. Dream of relaxing along the countryside with a bottle of wine? Retreat to Sonoma County.

Here are four diverse destinations for parents planning their next stress-free weekend escape.

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Discover New Worlds at Kennedy Space Center

By June 5, 2015 Attractions

Many of our top destinations in Florida are either near theme parks or allow you to get your toes in the sand. However, my personal favorite attraction is neither a beach nor a roller coaster and is even – gasp – educational. Kennedy Space Center is a must-see attraction in Florida and will give you and your family a renewed excitement for discovery and an unmatched appreciation for the scientists, astronauts, and explorers past and present.

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