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  • How do I get the best deals on hotel rooms?

    Hotels advertising on rely on the traveler who does not make advance reservations to fill those remaining rooms on a same day "walk-in" (without a reservation) basis.

    These travelers appreciate the freedom to control their travel schedules and the flexibility and price advantage that a last minute hotel selection can provide. Unlike typical seasonal promotions or online travel sites, travelers using these valuable coupons can select from thousands of great hotels and choose the one whose rates and amenities match their individual needs.

      Use these tips to have the best possible coupon-redemption experience:

    • Call the hotel in advance. In some cases, hotels may agree to honor the advertised rate for advance bookings, so travelers are encouraged to call the hotel directly if that option is important. On most of the coupons you'll find a toll-free number in red, which is solely for users.
    • Select multiple coupons within the same area. Since coupon acceptance is based on walk-in availability, it's smart to select or print multiple coupons from hotels that meet your needs and budget in your desired destination. This allows you to go to other hotels that are nearby if the first property is fully booked or unable to honor your coupon.
    • Discounted rates may not be available during peak travel seasons or special event periods. These low rates are generally not offered through any other means and are available only when a valid coupon is presented at the time of check-in. There is no guarantee that the discount rate will be available unless the hotel expects that a number of rooms might go unoccupied. You should call the hotel a few hours before arrival to check availability.
  • How do I redeem my coupon?

    Once you have decided which hotel you'd like to stay in, save the coupon to your favorites in the mobile application or website, or print the coupon from your computer. Call the hotel when you are on your way to confirm availability. You can easily use the Call Now feature on the hotel listings from your mobile device to contact the front desk. When you arrive at the hotel, display the coupon on your mobile device or tablet, or show a printed coupon from the computer or guide. Some hotels may request you email the coupon to them from your mobile device. Remember, coupon rates are based on availability.

  • Is the hotel required to accept a coupon when they have vacancies? is designed for the hotels to accept the coupons based on availability, which is based on the anticipated number of rooms the hotel does not expect to fill that particular night. Some hotels reserve a set number of rooms or percentage of rooms for that rate, and once that number is filled they will only honor regular rates.

  • How do I save a hotel or coupon as a "favorite"?

    First, you must log in to account with your username and password, or create an account. Then, select a hotel coupon, click on "View Full Details" then click on the heart icon to save that coupon. You can access the hotels you have saved under the My Account tab at the top of each page.

  • How often are the coupons and their rates updated?

    The rates and coupons are all updated on the 1st of every month and expire on the last day of the month. However, the hotel manager can update the online coupon rate at any time, and it will always include an expiration date.

  • How do I find hotel properties in the area I'm traveling to?

    Simply fill in the city and state in the search box on the top left of the page.

  • What does the Advanced Search do?

    The Advanced Search allows you to refine your search for hotel coupons to include hotel name and a room rate price range.

  • How do I learn more about the hotel I'm interested in?

    Click the "View Full Details" button to find information on the coupon's restrictions and when the advertised rate is applicable. Plus, you'll find the hotel's pictures, description, amenities, and location, plus links to the property's website and e-mail address. This page also gives you options to save the hotel, post to Twitter, e-mail coupon, print the entire page, get a map and directions, and even see the current weather in that location.

  • How can I email the hotel property?

    After finding a hotel you're interested in, click on "View Full Details." Under the hotel's location, you'll find contact information including an email address.

  • How do I get to the hotel's website?

    Once you find a hotel you're interested in, click "Get the Best Online Rate" to be directed to the hotel website.

  • What does "based on availability" refer to?

    The hotels and motels listed on this site offer savings "based on availability". This means coupons will be accepted until the property projects it will fill up (75 - 80% occupancy) on the date(s) of your request. Once the property projects it will fill up (even if there are some rooms available), you will be quoted the regular rate. Discounts are not valid with advance reservations confirmed at a higher rate.

  • How do I make a reservation at the advertised discount rate?

    We do not process reservations through Please contact the hotel directly for reservations via the toll free number listed on the coupon, e-mail and/or visit their website. Please be advised that many hotel coupons include the disclaimer, "for walk-ins only".

  • What if the hotel that I normally visit using the print coupon does not have a coupon on

    If a hotel has a coupon listed in the physical guide, but you cannot find it on our website, you can request a copy of our physical guide.

  • Why aren't there any hotel coupons in the city where I'm traveling?

    Not all cities/areas have hotel listings. If the city you're traveling to is not listed you should search for the nearest convenient city. Most coupons contain a map that pinpoints their location or you can use our mobile applications that can geo target the nearest city that has a hotel property offering a coupon rate.

  • Why do some coupons say, "call for current rate"?

    The discounted rates are updated from individual hotel owners/GM/Marketing Groups. When the rate expires, it will default to "Call for Current Rate" until the new rate is posted or the hotel listing is removed.

  • How do I view the entire guide online?

    On the main page, click on "Get the Guide" all the way at the bottom. This will then give you the choice of which guide you want to view and they are all current. You will need to have an updated flash drive installed on your computer to view these guides.

  • I would like to feature my hotel on

    We would be happy to discuss how our print publications, mobile marketing opportunities, websites and reputation management tools can help grow your business. Please contact us at either

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